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8th September 2012

Three of Sticks is currently hibernating, but please feel free to enjoy the archive.


1st October 2011

Three of Sticks will have a presence at the This is Not Art Festival zine fair in Newcastle on the 2nd October 2011. Follow the owls ^_^


26th June 2011

Three of Sticks has posted its first full colour panel, 0041 Journey, dedicated to lost penguins.

0041 Journey Mug and Tote now available.


23rd February 2011

Three of Sticks will have a presence at the Kinokuniya craft fair this Saturday.


19th February 2011

A special shout out to Owlzine and Sydney artist Cecilia Mok, who will have a table at the Kinokuniya craft fair next weekend (26th Feb 2011). It's a great opportunity for emerging artists to show off the cute, the cool, and the weird.


10th October 2010

It's the official launch of Three of Sticks today!


1st Oct 2010

It's almost a week until our official launch, but the Three of Sticks preview is up!

Comic #0003 Obsession features in the premier issue of Owlzine this weekend, with some words of advice for those spending a lot of time buying owls on Etsy.

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